Michelle BeLeaves

Motivated by the contemporary lack of hospitality and appreciation of one another, Michelle BeLeaves to find a reality better than fiction while celebrating today’s gentlemen of inspiration. Emphasizing positive individual characteristics and unique qualities, the featured short stories aims at portraying meaningful and memorable experiences from around the world.

Braving the situation of putting herself out there, Michelle touches on generalizations, prejudices and fantasies occasionally connected to a country, profession, title and the individual’s understanding of dating culture and experience with love.

There She Goes is an almost-true account of experiences that may or may not have happened to the Dane, depending on who is asking the question. The essence of the magazine lies not so much in facts or the usefulness of the information it conveys, but rather in restoring and inspiring reality with imagination in the memory of people, places and experiences.

Michelle Maria Langkilde would like to thank the men she has met on her journey for introducing otherwise foreign concepts like chivalry, hospitality and passion into her perception of reality and giving her something to dream about.

You changed my world. Celebrating the littelest things and appreciating one another is a constant reminder in the tribute of each of you as individuals. It was, is and will be a pleasure to coincide in this life with you all.

What if.. all you imagine is truly out there -would you BeLeave? [ Believe + Leave = BeLeave ]

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Happiness is lonely by Magdalena Roeseler under CC BY 2.0