The twin of your kind: TWINKIND

TWINKIND creates custom-made life-like 3D-printed photo figurines. The 3D figurines are made of a high performance composite powder material and the result is stunningly detailed. You have to show up personally in Berlin to get your 3D scan (the company has a custom-engineered photogrammetry 3D scanner), but it only takes the blink of an eye.

Sounds fun, right? Here’s a few pointers for those who’d like to get a twin of a kind!

1# Use layers
Layers make your figurine look more real and interesting, but be careful with textile materials that are too transparent or porous.

#2 Learn how to pose
Getting your picture taken will only take a split second. Even though they’ll let you approve the photo right after it’s shot, it will be an advantage if you’ve found a pose that works well for you beforehand.

#3 Don’t point your fingers
-or you won’t have any… Details like spread fingers or strands of hair, etc. tend to break and are unable to be printed.

#4 Heels
If you’re wearing heels just know that they will not look exactly the same on the figurine. A tall, slim heel will not carry a large figurine easily, so they will need to add material to the heels, which might make them look a bit chunkier.

#5 Show your ears and look up
The cameras will more easily recognize your facial features if your hair is not covering parts of your face. There are hairdressers and stylists nearby if you’d like to get a pro up do.

#6 Test your outfit beforehand
Get someone to take a few pictures of you in the outfit you think you’ll wear from different angles. The cameras capture everything; it’s naturally not like a picture where you can hide things you might not like. They can retouch details like a bra stop that’s showing, but it will cost extra.

#7 Accessorize
Bring your sassy business products, your favorite bag, or even your dog.


TWINKIND provided me with three 3D figurines in exchanges for the review above.

The opinions in this post are BeLeave Magazine’s own.


Image courtesy (figurine) TWINKIND


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